Tools to fight addiction : Fight Addiction with Mirrors !!

Mirrors are the best way to check the effects of all types of addiction & very effective in soft addiction 
as soon as a person become an addict ,he neglects looking at the mirror as well as neglecting his appearance & health

If we urged that person to look at mirrors by putting them in different & common places, or even giving him a mirror to look at ,we may also give him a recent photo for him self before he become an addict

Using these ways we are giving him a good chance to look at his appearance, think & reconsider his next step
& ask for help

This way is more effective for soft addiction as a treatment 
for example , if you put a mirror just above or next to your computer it`s a perfect way to see your tired,swelled, red eyes  from addicting to internet or video games , these signs will state to you that it`s time to leave your idol for sometime !

Mirrors also can be used to show you the advance in treatment giving you a good push to safe resort 

 everybody try it &...... plz  give me feedback