Monday, November 15, 2010

Health Alarm Clock : health protection software against computer addiction

If you work long hours or play games or visit internet and forget to rest
If you have eyes feel uncomfortable, and even vision down, joint pain or headache
Medical experts suggest that you rest or exercise at work for some time, but many times you will forget the rest, resulting in harm to your body. Health Alarm Clock will play a expert to alarm your to rest and protect your health!

This software will give you an alarm from time to time to remind you to keep some health for tomorrow ! so each time he will give you the potential risk you may have as you ignore warnings!

You can download this free software here

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  1. hmmm very nice ,you have a very nice blog ,You should have some health and safety training it will make you fit and healthy....

  2. You will get protection from unexpected medical needs if you have a health plan. The Texas Health Insurance plan also covers some common services such as preventive care, annual health check-up, etc. However, you must select a plan as per your needs.


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